ENVIREQUIP Mix-Tech Mixers



All Envirequip Mix-Tech mixers are heavy duty and take the mechanical advantage - Energy efficient mixing without sacrificing pumping capacity or torque.  Standard Specifications exceed other manufacturers: The gears are ground to AGMA 11 to 13, not simply 9 to 10; service factors are 2.5, not just 1.25 or 1.5 and come equipped with dry well seals.

 Mix-Tech, Dynamic Mixers Features:

  • Portable & small mixers draw up to 10 times less HP than 350/420 RPM units
  • All drives are capable of reverse rotation
  • Mixers operate below the 1st critical speed (No vibration or variable speed problems)
  • Large D/T ratios providing excellent batch control
  • Full range of impellers to provide the combination of high pumping capacity with low HP draws
  • Low RPMs mean low peripheral speeds; less foaming, wear and noise
  • Various mounting options: steel base, pedestals and custom
  • Oversized roller bearings B10 life, 100,000 hours minimum
  • Available with hollow quill output shaft for easy maintenance
  • Mixers cost less to purchase initially and save you on HP costs forever

To select the correct propeller for your application see our impeller selection guide.

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