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Finish Thompson, Inc.

Finish Thompson has been a leading designer and manufacturer of drum pumps since 1972. They also offer a complete line of centrifugal and plastic mag drive pumps. We have been Finish Thompson distributors for all of these years and have seen significant growth in the product line and continual design improvement. We are proud to sell this excellent line of drum pumps, stainless steel centrifugal pumps, and plastic mag drive pumps.

Finish Thompson Drum/Barrel Pumps


EF Series Drum Pump

This sealless, top value pump provides an economical choice for light duty transfer. Ideal replacement for hand pumps.

  • Best Seller - Customers have voted and the EF Series is on top for a reason.
  • Best price - Hard to beat a low price
  • Reliability - Designed to outlast the competition and provide years of reliable play
  • Loaded with options - Tube lengths for buckets to IBC's, material choices for a wide variety of chemicals and powered by air, electric or versatile cordless motors
  • Integrated strainer - Helps prevent foreign objects from entering the pump preventing damage (plastic tubes only)

The EF Series Pump includes models in polypropylene, pure polyrpo/PVDF, & 316SS

FTI Battery Powered Motor

Did you know FTI was the first to market with a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery motor? Our S6 motor for the EF Series made these pumps a truly portable option for fluid transfer off-site, on deliveries, or in areas with limited or no electricity.

Finish Thompson PF Series Drum Pump

This sealless, high performance pump has a unique double suction impeller which provides provides high flow and high head. The sealless design improves reliability.
The model PFS offers FDA-compliant material and ATEX certified options.

  • Proven - The PF Series has been going strong for over thirty years
  • Best performance - High flow AND high heads with the same pump (competitors force you to choose one or the other)
  • Variable discharge orifice - Control the flow by cutting the discharge orifice (plastic tube versions only)
  • Most capable - handles high specific gravities (1.8+) and high viscosities (up to 2,000 cP)
  • Most options - More material choices, more motor options, more connection options, FDA compliant material option
  • Rugged - Designed for years of reliable service in harsh and demanding industrial settings

The PF includes models in polypropylene, PVDF, & 316 stainless steel.

Finish Thompson offers the TT Series sealed pump with PTFE screw-type lifting compressors.  Ideal for liquids containing small particulate or solvents.  The Model STTS constructed of FDA-compliant materials.

BT/HVDP Drum Pumps are ideal for high viscosity and high head.  The BT Series provides high viscosity sealed design with PTFE screw-type lifting compressors for liquids up to 15,000 cP .  The HVDP Series is a progressive cavity, positive displacement, mechanically sealed pump for high viscosity liquids up to 20,000 cP (HR model) or 100,000 cP (LR model). FDA-compliant material options.

Looking for a sealed, lightweight economy drum pump?  Check out the Finish Thompson TB Pump Tubes.  These lightweight pumps are suitable for low to medium viscosity mild corrosives, solvents, and chemicals. They are designed to fit smaller bung openings. 

The TM Pump Mixer is a sealed mixer with 4-blade turbine mixing/blending capability. It is ideal for mixing drums with settled materials and light or medium viscosity.


Download the FTI Drum Pump Brochure



DB and SP Series:  Magnetic Drive, Sealless, Centrifugal Pumps

FTI Mag Drive PumpFinish Thompson's DB & SP Series Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps are the product of advanced engineering CFD design software and superior magnetic flux technology. Using powerful neodymium magnetic technology, these pumps are an ideal replacement for mechanical sealed pumps in corrosive duty applications.

Premium features include:

  • Highest efficiency - Up to 70% efficiency lowers cost of ownership by significant savings of electricity.
  • Can save thousands of kWh per year on your electric bill.
  • Best run dry ability - Superior run dry ability helps protect the pump from system upset or operator error.
  • Eliminates costly repairs and downtime.
  • Best warranty - Careful attention to detail results in a mag drive pump that is the most reliable and efficient on the market, offering five years of peace of mind.
  • Best corrosion resistance - Durably molded from corrosion resistant polypropylene or PVDF, the DB Series handles the most corrosive chemicals with ease. Prevents downtime due to pump corrosion problems.
  • High working pressure - Allows high specific gravity fluids to be safely pumped. Protects against unexpected surges in system pressure.
  • Multiple connections - NPT or BSP threads, adjustable flanges or union connections make it easy to connect to any system reducing installation cost and time
  • Standard NEMA or IEC motors - DB Series mounts to all standard motors.
  • ATEX certified models available.

SP Self Priming Models:

  • Can lift fluids from as deep as 25 feet (7.6 meters) below the pump
  • Lifts 18 feet (5.5 meters) in less than 90 seconds


Download the FTI DB/SP Series Brochure


ULTRAChem™ UC Series Pump:  ANSI Dimensional ETFE-Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps

FTI UltraCHEM Pump

In the year 2000, Finish Thompson introduced its first ANSI dimensional magnetic drive centrifugal pump, the ULTRAChem™ pump. This heavy duty pump has a ductile iron casing for strength and a Tefzel lining for corrosion resistance. The ULTRAChem™ pump series employs the rare earth magnet technology which Finish Thompson has perfected over the years. This unique design also employs a two piece impeller assembly and impeller drive assembly. Should the impeller become worn or damaged, this relatively inexpensive component can be replaced independently of the expensive impeller drive assembly.

Download the FTI UltraCHEM UC Series Brochure


MSKC Series Pump:  Multistage Sealless Centrifugal Pump

FTI MSKC Centrifugal Pump

This multistage sealless centrifugal pump with state-of-the-art magnetic coupling technology results in a leak-proof design.  Multiple impeller diameters allow for enhanced hydraulic selection.  The multi-stage design generates increased head at low flow rates resulting in lower power consumption.  Multiple impellers result in a small footprint and allow the use of smaller motors.  Independent thrust bearings at each stage give maximum reliability.

Download the MSKC Technical Flyer


Finish Thompson Sealled Pumps

AC Series Stainless Steel Sealed Centrifugal Pump

FTI AC Series Centrifugal Pump

The Finish Thompson AC Series is a compact design with 316 Stainless Steel construction and a variety of seal combinations.  The 316 SS construction provides chemical resistance with superior flammable fluid handling capability.  AC Series pumps specifically constructed of FDA compliant materials are ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications where 3A is not required.


Download the FDA Flyer


GP Series Mechanically Sealed Plastic Centrifugal Pump

FTI GP Series Centrifugal Pump

The Finish Thompson GP Series provides reliable corrosive chemical handling with it's externally mounted seals and non-metallic wetted components.  Economical Chemical handling is available through this value packed industrial pump, providing reliable service in corrosive environments and suitable for a broad range of chemicals.


The NEW Finish Thompson Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Line

Change Is In the Air

Finish Thompson Air Pump PictureMofilco is proud to represent Finish Thompson, Inc., a global leader in chemical fluid transfer.  We are pleased to announce the full launch of their new product brand FTI AIR - a reliable, rugged, affordable air-operated double-diaphragm complete pump line designed, engineered and assembled at the Finish Thompson headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

Air operated double diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps that use a combination of the reciprocating action of two flexible diaphragms, two inlet and two outlet ball check valves to pump a fluid. There are two pump chambers which are divided by the diaphragms into air and fluid regions. The two diaphragms are connected to a common shaft located in the center section. This creates the effect that during a cycle one side is pumping fluid while the other side is filling.

Air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps have many benefits over other pump technologies:
Easy to install
Simple to operate
Dry running
Economical compared to other positive displacement technologies
Solids handling
Abrasive handling
Viscosity fluid handling
Shear sensitive
Various applications
Maintenance cost


FTI AIR has its own additional unique features. It features a lube-free, non-stalling air valve, ideal for various applications and environments. The air valve contains very few parts compared to other air valves in the market, reducing maintenance time, costs and downtime. And FTI AIR is backed by a strong 5 year warranty.

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