Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics

dynaJETTM Dry Polymer Preparation System

djdrypoly The dynaJETTM technology utilizes a blower-induced pneumatic conveyance system to convey up to 12#/minute of polymer from the volumetric feeder to the wetting head. (higher capacity custom systems available)

The polymer is naturally dispersed (atomized) in the conveyance air prior to being introduced to the dilution water for optimum polymer-particle wetting.

The polymer and water come together in a high flow shower of water produced by a minimum of six specially designed water jets to ensure complete polymer-particle wetting. The resulting solution then enters the mix tank where the polymer solution is ready for the mix/age process.

Wetting dry polymer and activating liquid polymer are two totally different processes, each requiring a technology specifically designed to meet the criteria of the polymer being used. Blending liquid polymer through a dry polymer wetting system fails to meet the liquid
polymer’s requirement of staged blending. To assure optimum performance from liquid polymers, Fluid Dynamics has incorporated the dynaBLENDTM liquid polymer activation technology into its dry polymer systems.


dynaBLENDTM Liquid Polymer Blending System

dynablendliquidprocess In twenty years of independent side-by-side trials, the dynaBLEND system has proven itself superior to alternative blending methods. Success is due to its patented, non-mechanical HydroAction Technology—a technology that produces in excess of six times the mixing energy per unit volume than a comparable sized mechanical mixer.

dynaBLEND induces high mixing energy without the use of mechanical impellers to ensure a blending process free from polymer damage, while preventing polymer gelling. Preventing polymer gelling or damage maximizes your polymer investment by reducing your polymer use. Thousands of installations worldwide validate dynaBLEND’s track record for superior performance and reliability.

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