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Miller-Leaman Inc. is the manufacturer of Thompson Filters and Strainers used for cooling water, wastewater, fertilizer and many other industrial and irrigation applications.  Miller-Leaman manufactures three unique filtration products commonly known as the Thompson Filter/Strainer, the Helix Screen/Disc Series and the evolution of automatic disc filtration, the Turbo-Disc filter.

Thompson Filter/Strainer ,

ML Thompson%20Strainer

Miller-Leaman Thompson Strainer

The Thompson Strainer is our highly efficient, patented stainless steel strainer which features a large conical screen, offering substantially more screen surface area versus traditional y-strainers or basket strainers.The strainer has a unique design: as water enters the bottom of the strainer housing and flows upward, heavier debris and particulate is accelerated downward, away from the conical screen, into the large debris reservoir at the base of the strainer.  The particulate is then flushed from the reservoir via the debris flush port.  Due to the large amount of screen surface area, all models operate with less than a 1-PSI pressure loss at maximum flow when clean.  The strainers are available with a wide variety of screen mesh options, ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to approximately 50-micron.  They can be customized to fit the specific requirements of the project and can be outfitted with optional Instrumentation Packages.   


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MIller Leaman Thompson Filter image

Miller Leaman Thompson Filter

The Thompson Filter is a unique, yet brilliantly simple product used in a variety of applications to remove particles from irrigation water and other liquids. Whether the need is to protect irrigation sprinklers or drip emitters from plugging with particles or straining particles and other contaminants out of liquid fertilizer, the Thompson Filter is a quality product you can depend on.

You can select the screen that meets your needs. A large variety of screen options are available, ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to 200-mesh. Let Mofilco help you optimally size the screen to protect the spray orifices/nozzles in your system.

The Thompson Filter’s internal flow patterns force heavy particles down to the large reservoir at the base of the filter. The particles are then purged from the filter via the flush port, without interrupting downstream flow. Unlike centrifugal separators, there are no minimum flow requirements for optimal performance.

The Thompson Filter is exceptionally efficient; all models operate with less than a 1 PSI pressure loss at maximum flow, when clean. The efficiency of the Thompson Filter, due to the low pressure loss, translates into lower operating/energy costs, which results in more profit to your bottom line. Filter housings come standard with two gauge ports, allowing maintenance personnel to monitor the differential pressure across the internal screen.

The Miller Leaman Thompson Strainer and Filter Feature:

  • Flush particles on-line, via bottom flush port
  • Greater screen surface area, reduces maintenance
  • Less than 1 PS1 pressure loss, minimizing system operating cost
  • Simple design
  • Space saving profile to fit tight spaces
  • No minimum requirements
  • High quality stainless steel construction

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Miller Leaman's Helix Screen/Disc Series Filters

ML HD Helix Disc%20Series%20Filter

Miller-Leaman Helix Disc Series Filter

Miller Leaman’s Helix Disc or Screen Filter models are available in three different sizes: 2”, 2” Super and 3” model. The filters can be installed in any orientation; however, it is preferable to install them with the 3/4" flush port at the bottom. As water enters the filter housing, a high velocity centrifugal action occurs, spiraling heavier particles ( sediment, scale, etc.) away from the disc or screen cartridge, down to the base of the filter. These accumulated particles are then flushed from the filter via the 3/4” flush port connection at the base of the filter (valve not included).

The Miller Leaman Helix Disc Filter Features:

  • Large disc surface area, with three-dimensional depth
  • Particles can be flushed while filter is in operation
  • Several color-coded disc options available
  • Centrifugal cleaning action minimizes maintenance
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant
  • Quick clamp lid assembly
  • Pressure gauge ports molded into housing

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Miller Leaman Helix Screen Filter

Miller Leaman’s Helix Screen Filter features:

  • Centrifugal cleaning action minimizes maintenance
  • Large screen surface area with maximum open area
  • Particles can be flushed while filter is in operation
  • Several Type 316 stainless steel mesh (and perforated) options available
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant, injection molded housing
  • Easily removable, quick clamp lid assembly
  • Pressure gauge ports molded into housing

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Turbo Disc

ML Turbo%20Disc

Miller Leaman Turbo-Disc Skid System

Miller Leaman Turbo-Disc Skid or Full-Flow Systems

The Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter is a fully automatic, self-cleaning disc filter system.  Available in multiple micron sizes, the lightweight three-dimensional polypropylene disc media uses a minimal amount of backwash water (approximately 10 gallons of water per pod) relative to other automatic filters on the market.

An onboard controller monitors the differential pressure across the filter, triggering an automatic backwash when dirty. Filter lid enclosures have a stainless steel quick-release band clamp assembly, enabling easy access to the disc cartridge for maintenance purposes.  

The Turbo-Disc Skid System Features:

  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Energy Savings
  • Minimized Microbiological Growth
  • Improved Corrosion Rates
  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Reduced Chemical Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance & Downtime
  • Automated Adjustable Controls
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Customizable

Download the Miller Leaman Turbo Disc Flyer for HVAC and Process Cooling Water

Download the Miller Leaman Turbo Disc Flyer For Wastewater and Water Reuse

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