Miller-Leaman Filters and Strainers


Miller-Leaman Inc. is the manufacturer of Thompson Filters and Strainers used for cooling water, wastewater, fertilizer and many other industrial and irrigation applications.  Miller-Leaman manufactures three unique filtration products commonly known as the Thompson Filter/Strainer, the Helix Screen/Disc Series and the evolution of automatic disc filtration, the Turbo-Disc filter.

Thompson Filter/Strainer

ML Thompson%20Strainer

Miller-Leaman Thompson Strainer

The Thompson Strainer is patented stainless steel strainer used on a wide variety of industrial applications to remove solid particles from liquid systems. Our unique product has grown popular due to its patented, low-maintenance design, stainless steel construction, and exceptional efficiency.

Miller Leaman's Helix Screen/Disc Series Filters

ML HD Helix Disc%20Series%20Filter

Miller-Leaman Helix Disc Series Filter

As water enters the filter housing, a high velocity centrifugal action occurs, spiraling heavier particles (sediment, scale, etc.) away from the disc or screen cartridge, down to the base of the filter. These accumulated particles are then flushed from the filter via the 3/4" flush port connection at the base of the filter (valve not included).The three-dimensional disc is ideal for filtering hard particles (such as sediment and scale) and soft fibrous material (such as algae, bugs, cottonwood seed, etc.). The color-coded discs are available in a variety of micron sizes (50, 100, 130, 200-Micron).

Turbo Disc

ML Turbo%20Disc

The three-dimensional disc media is the heart of the Turbo Disc filter. As water enters the filter housing, it passes through the Turbo-Element at the base of the disc cartridge. The Turbo-Element spins the water at a high velocity, causing heavier particles (i.e. sediment) to centrifugally spin outward, away from the disc media.

The dirty water passes through the depth of the discs, from the outside to the inside. The discs contain grooves that run radially across the surface of the discs. These grooves are precisely molded in the surface of the discs, slightly tapered from the outside to the inside. On the opposite side of the disc surface, the grooves are running in the opposite direction, therefore creating a cross-hatching of grooves across the depth of the discs.

The combination of the Turbo-Element, the grooves molded in the surface of the discs, and the caking effect achieved by the depth of the media, extremely fine particulate removal is achieved. discs have tapered grooves that the water passes through. The discs are stacked tightly onto a cartridge frame. The entire disc cartridge fits inside an injection-molded polyamide housing (pod). Each groove alternates direction, causing a torturous path for the water. As the water passes through the grooves, extremely fine particles are trapped in the media. During backflush, the discs uniformly separate and release the contaminants from the surface of the discs.

Helix Screen Filters


ML HS Helix Screen%20Series%20Filter
Screen options offer a variety of Stainless Steel screen sizes from coarse perforated material to a fine mesh. The two-dimensional screen filter is ideally suited for removal of hard, non-organic particles such as sand. Standard screen material is Type 316.

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