Quadro Mixers and Emulsifiers

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Innovative line of batch and continuous mixing equipment for:

  • Powder wetting, incorporation and dissolving
  • Solids deagglomeration and suspension
  • Fine dispersion and emulsifying
  • Liquid blending
  • Homogenizing


Quadro Ytron emulsifiers, dispersers and mixers can be custom engineered to deliver the exact amount of shear required by your application.

 Quadro Ytron Z Emulsifier

Quadro Z_emulsifier01

  • Deagglomeration, emulsions, fine dispersions, homogenizing and texturing
  • Controlled, high-intensity shear is delivered equally to all fluid elements, regardless of product characteristics
  • Shear rate is constant
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Single and double mechanical seals provide for high-temperature, high-pressure performance
  • Single-speed drive with variable speed options

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Quadro Ytron ZC Disperser

  • Quadro ZC_disperser03Lump-free dispersion of difficult-to-disperse powders into a liquid stream
  • Operation is based on a close-tolerance, high-shear and a slotted rotor/stator design
  • Sanitary design with clamped housing, easily dismantled for inspection
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Steep-walled, mirror-polished hopper for superior powder flow
  • Butterfly valve or optional full-port ball valve eliminates hindrances to powder flow

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See Videos of the Quadro Ytron® ZC in Action

 Y Jet Mixer & By-Pass Tube

  • Efficient mixing/ blending without bafflesQuadro ytron_jetMixer03
  • Simple, direct-driven spindle provides long bearing life and easy maintenance
  • Unique rotor/ stator tooling for strong axial flow pattern
  • Innovative by-pass tube provides single-pass sub-surface powder dispersion directly into rotor/ stator
  • Stainless steel construction
  • The by-pass tube provides product directly to the head for single-pass processing

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