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Assmann USA


assmann-tank-lgMofilco represents Assmann Corporation of America. Assmann is a manufacturer of rotationally molded polyethylene tanks, ranging from 40 to 12,000 gallons, engineered and processed for the most challenging chemical handling and storage applications.
Assmann defies the industry-wide practice of producing tapered wall polytanks. The Assmann uniform wall thickness tanks require the use of more resin but the benefits are: greater structural integrity, smoother internal surfaces, more consistent quality and longer life expectancy.  Whether you require a food grade tank of FDA approved linear polyethylene resin or a heavy duty chemical storage tank of cross-link polyethylene resin, we are able to offer you the best built poly tank in the USA at competitive prices.

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Introducing the Molded In Full Drain Outlet (FDO) assembly for tanks of 2,500 gallons and larger.


Assmann Full Drain Outlet

Assmann Corporation of America introduces the new molded in Full Drain Outlet (FDO) assembly for tanks of 2,500 gallons and larger. This outlet provides the ability to drain the tank without the need for mechanically installed nozzles and can be utilized where heavy solids or salts may accumulate in the bottom of the tank.

The FDO can help eliminate difficult maintenance work, stands up to virtually any service condition and is available with multiple expansion joint options. The outlet is available in 3" and 4" and in material variations of 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium and Hastelloy construction. A replaceable polyethylene flange adapter is also featured, which allows the adapter to be removed for tank installation. The flange can also be replaced in case of chemical or mechanical damage without needing to replace the entire vessel.

Download the  Assmann FDO Flyer

Watch the video which demonstrates the integrity of this full drain outlet.


Small Double Wall Storage Tank Systems from Assmann Provide Capacities from 20 to 405 Gallons

Assmann Double Wall Tank 004

Assmann Double Wall Tank with pump shelf

Polyethylene storage tanks system consists of a primary inner tank and secondary containment, with a capacity of 120% of the inner tank, exceeding EPA standards and complies with 40 CFR-264.193.

  • Molded in pump shelf is ideal for installing chemical pumps and metering equipment. This pump shelf is recessed in the top of the tank to contain small chemical spills.
  • Inner tank dome of plastic storage tank overlaps outer tank sidewall to prevent rainwater, snow, and debris from entering secondary containment, making system ideal for outdoor storage of chemicals.
  • Molded 7" threaded top access opening is standard. This access opening is chemically resistant and fume tight. Larger access openings available.
  • Small footprints of 34-1/2” & under will fit through standard 36” doorway to allow convenient system location within tight manufacturing areas.
  • Molded in sump in the primary tank is located directly below the pump shelf.
    Suction lines can be lowered onto the sump area, which will allow for maximum drainage of chemical with top discharge assemblies.


    Assmann Double Wall Tanks

  • Recessed lower fitting flat will allow fittings to penetrate through the
    secondary containment wall and into the primary tanks sump. This feature allows full flooded suction for outlet assemblies.
  • Interstitial leak detection systems option available.

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Assmann Conical Bottom Tank and Stand

One-Piece, Full Drain 560 Gallon All-Polyethylene Conical Tank and Stand

Assmann Corporation offers the new 560 Gallon all polyethylene conical bottom tank and stand, as a mix vessel for chemicals and for corrosive acids like sulfuric and hydrochloric acid.

The conical tank is a complete polyethylene unit and is available in seamless molded one piece units. Both the tank and the stand are corrosion resistant, making the unit maintenance free with no need to repaint or replace a steel stand. This tank features molded in fitting placement flats on the tank roof, molded in forklift access for easy tank placement and four anchor points molded into the stand for stability.

Conical bottom tanks store a wide variety of tough chemicals for many applications and the tanks feature uniform wall thickness and offer excellent corrosion resistance. Tanks are available in sizes from 300 to 8000 gallons. Customized versions with various fittings and accessories are available.

Download the Assmann Conical Bottom Tank Flyer

Our representatives are always eager to be of assistance. To request further information regarding our Assmann polyethylene tanks, please feel free to contact Missouri Filter.

ASTM Standards and Testing:  Assmann Corporation of America manufactures our polyethylene upright storage tanks meeting and exceeding the current ASTM standards. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company which requires us to track and improve upon every aspect of our process...Read More

Assmann Corporation of America offers a white paper detailing some of the major factors that help determine the life expectancy of polyethylene storage tanks. Being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company requires us to track and improve upon every aspect of our process...Read More

Molded-in fittings are ideal for applications where a full drain connection is required and where the application cannot accept a conical bottom tank...Read More

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