Vibrators & Air Blasters


Global Manufacturing, Inc.

Missouri Filter is able to offer through Global Manufacturing, Inc. a wide range of both rotary and linear vibrators, internal concrete vibrators, and Air Blasters for handling bulk material flow problems in both industrial and construction settings . These include motor-less pneumatic rotary vibrators such as economical ball vibrators for numerous applications, powerful dual-roller high frequency external vibrators for concrete consolidation and railcar unloading, and the highly efficient Silver Sonic Turbine® which can operate on as little as 1 cfm of air at 5 psi (0.5 lps of air at 0.3 bar).

Quiet Thunder Electric Vibrators

Global quiet_thunder_pictThe Quiet Thunder® line of electric vibrators includes 2-pole electric vibrators running at 3600 rpm. Single-phase models are available in either 115 or 230 volts and produce up to 1,000 pounds of centrifugal force for small to medium hopper applications. Three-phase models are available in 230, 460 or 575 volts and produce up to 5,000 pounds of centrifugal force. There is also a 12-volt DC model for trucks and other applications where only DC power is available.

Rotary Vibrators

Global Rotary hydraulic_design_ser_pictGlobal also manufactures the most reliable motor driven rotary vibrators on the market today. The Hydraulic Design Series and Pneumatic Design Series vibrators solve material flow problems on a wide range of applications including railcar unloading, large storage hoppers, bagging equipment, shaker screens, paving equipment, and self-unloader ships.

Pneumatic Linear Piston Vibrators

Global YELLOW_JACKET_pictGlobal's Yellow Jacket® pneumatic linear piston vibrators are lighter, more powerful, and more efficient than the heavy, cast footplate piston vibrators. These are used on numerous problem applications including hoppers, shaker screens and feeders, foundry match plates, concrete screeds, concrete trucks, concrete batch plants, and railcars. We still offer our P-Series Footplate Mount piston vibrators as well.

Air Blasters

Global GW_Series_Air_BlasterAir Blasters are used in numerous applications to restore material flow where the use of vibrators is not practical. Global's new patented G400 direct blast Air Blasters for cement kiln pre-heaters, steel mills, and other extreme heat applications produce up to 50% more force than the leading competition's comparable models. Superior valve seals prevent air loss between blasts (blasters using a metal-to-metal seal leak air). Most important, Global is the first in the industry to have instant valve closure without using a valve spring. Valve springs frequently break causing down time.

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