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Global Manufacturing, Inc.

Missouri Filter is able to offer through Global Manufacturing, Inc. a wide range of both rotary and linear vibrators, internal concrete vibrators, and Air Blasters for handling bulk material flow problems in both industrial and construction settings . These include motor-less pneumatic rotary vibrators such as economical ball vibrators for numerous applications, powerful dual-roller high frequency external vibrators for concrete consolidation and railcar unloading, and the highly efficient Silver Sonic Turbine® which can operate on as little as 1 cfm of air at 5 psi (0.5 lps of air at 0.3 bar).

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Global Ball Vibrator

Global Ball Vibrator Image

Global Ball Vibrators

Ball vibrators operate at relatively high RPM producing high frequency vibration. This makes them well suited for moving fine materials such as dry sand, flour, sugar, cement, spices, powders, dust, and so on.

Features of the Global Ball Vibrator include:

  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.
  • High Frequency, Low Amplitude Vibration.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting air supply.
  • Easy to Mount - 4 different housing types give choice of mount & connection.
  • Small, Lightweight.
  • Rugged Construction - Chrome-plated ball, ductile iron housing, hardened raceway.
  • O-Ring Seal Standard - Provides seal that prevents air leakage & keeps out environmental dust & water.
  • Maintenance Free - No motor or bearings. No lubrication required.
  • Easy & Inexpensive to Rebuild - Repair Kits available to replace wearing parts, making vibrator like new.
  • Inexpensive to purchase.
  • Five-Year Warranty.

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GLOBAL Silver Sonic Turbine® VIBRATORS Pneumatic SST Series

Silver Sonic Image

Global Silver Sonic Turbine Vibrator

Silver Sonic Turbine® vibrators are highly efficient and can operate on just 5 or 10 PSI. This makes them a very practical solution where air resources are limited.  Silver Sonic Turbine® are great for food processing, pharmaceutical, and other "clean environment" applications because there is no paint to chip or peel and no oily mist produced, since they require no lubrication.

Features of the Global SiverSonic Turbine Vibrators include:  

  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.
  • High Frequency and High Amplitude Vibration.
  • Highly Efficient - Revolutionary, patented turbine design will run on just 5 PSI using 1-3 CFM. More efficient than other pneumatic vibrators including other turbine vibrators. At a given pressure, Silver Sonic Turbine® vibrators can produce the same force, with twice as much frequency, while consuming less than 1/5 the amount of air, as a comparatively sized ball vibrator.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting air supply.
  • Clean Operation - Aluminum housing will not flake or peel. No oily mist because non-lubricated air is used.
  • Small, Lightweight - Super light aluminum housing.
  • Quiet Operation - Specially engineered one-piece aluminum housing with unique bolthole placement and unprecedented new turbine wheel help maintain low dB's within OSHA guidelines.
  • Simple to Mount - Mounting bolts & washers included with vibrator. Optional mount kit speeds the process.
  • Easy Maintenance & Repair - High-speed bearings with special grease are designed for long life at high RPM's with no lubrication. TVRK repair kit makes bearing replacement easy.
  • Inexpensive to purchase - Mounting bolts, washers and muffler included with vibrator.
  • Five-Year Warranty.

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Global Dual Roller Hi-Frequency External Vibrators

Global High Frequency GCL & GCD

The Global high frequency dual roller vibrators are well suited for compacting or unloading large quantities of fine materials, such as sand or cement, from railcars, batch hoppers, or storage bins. Excellent for use with wet fine material. The high frequency excites the fine particles and the high force moves the large mass.

They are also highly useful for consolidating concrete. It takes this unique combination of frequency and force to remove air bubbles, disperse the large aggregates, and ensure the cement fines are evenly distributed to coat the aggregates. Proper use of vibration means less water is needed, which produces stronger concrete. Air bubble removal and even cement-aggregate distribution produces a smoother finish. High frequency dual roller vibrators make pouring concrete quicker and easier without harming the forms. They are commonly found on battery molds, compaction tables, tilt tables, and a large variety of forms and molds for girders, tees, columns, culverts, vaults, containers, septic tanks, concrete pipe, etc.  

Features of the Global HF External Vibrators include:

  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.
  • High Frequency and High Amplitude Vibration.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting air supply.
  • More Reliable Start-up - Dual-roller design assures fast, reliable starts every time. Single roller designs are frequently hard to start.
  • No Bearings or Motors - means reliable performance, lower maintenance costs, and simple, easy operation.
  • Fully Portable - GCL model is portable and can easily be moved from form to form. Fits standard mounting brackets. A convenient handle allows easy and safe transport.
  • Rigid Mounting technique - Provides secure mount for maximum safety and performance.
  • Most Rugged & Wear Resistant Available - Only two moving parts are the two hardened steel rollers. The steel shaft is hardened and ground for long life and even wear. Extra short bolts screw directly into the housing instead of long through bolts that break more easily. A single piece shaft with a hose barb on one end lasts longer than conventional two-piece shafts that can fret or rust. Inside cover surfaces are chrome plated for longer life.
  • Easy repair and maintenance - Global offers replacement parts and an extensive rebuild program that refurbish the vibrators to like-new condition. This can significantly reduce the cost of ownership by extending equipment life.
  • Five Year Warranty.


Global Yellow Jacket Piston Vibrators

Global Yellow Jacket Series Image

The Global Yellow Jacket® is a highly efficient pneumatic piston vibrator.  Piston vibrators are used for material handling problems that do not respond well to high-frequency rotary vibration. They can be effective where other devices fail, freeing materials that tend to cling, clump, or stick, such as damp or oily solids. 

Piston vibrators are also used where the air supply is limited, because they consume much less air than most pneumatic rotary vibrators.

The linear force of a piston vibrator can produce the back-and-forth motion needed for feeders and shaker screens.

Features of the Global Yellow Jacket Piston Vibrators include:

  • Maximum Force - Impact (IM) model produces vibration of maximum force & frequency.
  • Quiet Model Available - Air-Cushioned (AC) model produces less noise than Impact models.
  • Energy Efficient - Most efficient piston vibrators available today. Require less than 10 CFM even for largest models
  • More Force - Longer piston stroke provides more energy to move material than competitively sized vibrators. Impact (IM) models produce 100-200% more force per CFM of air than the competition. Air-Cushioned (AC) models produce 7-60% more force per CFM.
  • Lightweight - 50-70% lighter than competitively sized piston vibrators.
  • Durable - Specially designed all steel alloy housing tougher than cast iron. Operates at air pressures up to 100 PSI. Most competitive piston vibrators cannot exceed 60-80 PSI.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting air supply.
  • Easy to Mount - Single mounting bolt. Mount kits available. Easy to interchange with other brands. Safety cable ready.
  • Shielded Exhaust Ports - Special high grade, oil resistant Mil Spec neoprene shields keep out contaminants. Optional heavy-duty Tuff Bands are available for extremely dirty environments or portable use. Tuff Bands also redirect air exhaust to cool vibrator.
  • Trouble-free Operation - No required maintenance if using filtered, lubricated air. Spring ensures reliable start-ups in all mount orientations. Engineered to protect spring from impact, giving longer life.
  • Wear Resistant Piston - Special design to withstand harsh conditions and prevent seizing of piston when limited lubrication is used. Standard on all 3"models and all Railcar models.
  • Five Year Warranty

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Motor Driven Vibrators

Global Rotary Design Series Vibrators

Global Rotary hydraulic_design_ser_pictGlobal manufactures the most reliable motor driven rotary vibrators on the market today.  Global Design Series vibrators use efficient, superbly designed pneumatic or hydraulic motors to generate powerful rotary vibartions capable of moving loads up to 70,000 pounds and higher.  The Hydraulic Design Series and Pneumatic Design Series vibrators solve material flow problems on a wide range of applications including railcar unloading, large storage hoppers, bagging equipment, shaker screens, paving equipment, and self-unloader ships.

Features of the Global Design Series Vibrators include:

  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.
  • High Amplitude, Moderate Frequency vibration.
  • High Efficiency, Durable, Bi-rotational Pneumatic Motor - Instantly reversible, can be stalled or overloaded without damage, self sealing vanes automatically adjust for their own wear ensuring constant output for thousands of hours or the Bi-rotational Hydraulic Motor
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency.
  • Available in Permanent Mount and Portable Clamp-on Mount. Clamp-on vibrators use square head set screws with concave cup points for positive self-locking and vibration resistance.
  • Unique drive coupling protects motor shaft, vibrator shaft, bearings and seals from stress and unbalanced load of the weights; prevents air leaks; and gives longer life. Finest design available anywhere.
  • Rugged Construction - Ductile iron housings, lightweight hardened aluminum covers, and sealed bearings to keep lubrication in and contaminants out.
  • Easy repair and maintenance - designed for easy change-out of bearings, motors, couplings, and other components to refurbish Design Series vibrators to like new condition. Bearings, o-rings, retaining rings, etc. are standard, commonly available parts. Hydraulic or Air Motor Repair Kits available to return motor to like-new condition.
  • Five-Year Warranty.

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Electric Vibrators

Quiet Thunder® Electric Vibrators

Global quiet_thunder_pict

The Quiet Thunder® line of electric vibrators includes 2-pole electric vibrators running at 3600 rpm. Single-phase models are available in either 115 or 230 volts and produce up to 1,000 pounds of centrifugal force for small to medium hopper applications. Three-phase models are available in 230, 460 or 575 volts and produce up to 5,000 pounds of centrifugal force. There is also a 12-volt DC model for trucks and other applications where only DC power is available.

Features of the Global Quiet Thunder® electric vibrator include:

  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.
  • Quiet Operation - Only noise is the hum of the electric motor.
  • Highly Efficient - Less expensive to operate than pneumatic vibrators.
  • Adjustable Force Settings - Centrifugal force settings can be quickly and easily changed, without the need for special tools, to accommodate different loads.
  • Built in Thermal Protection - QT2-80 and QT2-160 models only. QT2-80 model is fan cooled.
  • Shock Resistant Motor Windings - Epoxy encapsulated to withstand vibration.
  • Permanently Sealed, High Capacity Bearings - Require no lubrication.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Rugged ductile iron housings on larger DEG models. Lightweight aluminum housings on smaller QT models.
  • Weather Tight Construction - Units sealed with silicone to keep out contaminants.
  • Easily Repairable - Easy disassembly. Bearings, o-rings, retaining rings are standard parts commonly available from your local bearing distributor. Rotors and stators replaceable on most models.
  • Three-Year Warranty.

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Air Blasters

Global GW_Series_Air_BlasterAir Blasters are used in numerous applications to restore material flow where the use of vibrators is not practical. Global's new patented G400 direct blast Air Blasters for cement kiln pre-heaters, steel mills, and other extreme heat applications produce up to 50% more force than the leading competition's comparable models. Superior valve seals prevent air loss between blasts (blasters using a metal-to-metal seal leak air). Most important, Global is the first in the industry to have instant valve closure without using a valve spring. Valve springs frequently break causing down time.

Global Air Blaster features include:

  • Produces Results Quickly and Efficiently - Quick blast of air permeates the material and dislodges trapped solids.
  • Handles Big Loads - Air blast spreads out in a cone pattern to aerate and loosen a large volume of material at one time. When used in combination, multiple Air Blasters can restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or millions of cubic feet of material.
  • Quiet Operation - Noise of air blast is dampened by the material being aerated.
  • Energy Efficient - Air Blasters have low air consumption since they collect air and are fired intermittently. They require only a small fraction of the air used to operate pneumatic vibrators.
  • Does not Compact Material - Blast of air in the bin aerates the material rather than compacting it.
  • Minimal Maintenance - Single moving part, no springs, no motors, no bearings, make Air Blasters easy to maintain for many years. No lubrication is required.
  • More Powerful Air Blast - Lightweight piston, short piston travel, direct blast design, and aerodynamically designed exhaust windows allow the tank to be emptied more quickly creating a stronger, more productive blast.
  • No Leakage - Piston designed to prevent air loss during blast. Polypropylene piston conforms to the valve seat for a superior seal, preventing air seepage between blasts. Air loss can be a problem in blasters using a metal-to-metal seal.
  • Fills Faster - Standard quick fill port allows tank to fill in less than 60 seconds (2.5" & 4.0" discharge models). This makes rapid repeat firing possible when needed.
  • Longevity - Corrosion, abrasion, and impact resistant piston. Coated valve parts resist acid and basic environments. Piston movement engineered to prevent excessive wear.
  • Ease of Service - All parts individually replaceable. If a part becomes worn or damaged, it is not necessary to replace the entire valve.
  • ASME Certified Pressure Vessels - All details of design, materials, construction, and workmanship of each vessel conforms to the ASME Code for Pressure Vessels, Section VIII, Division 1. Documentation available for each Air Blaster upon request.
  • Five Year Warranty

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