Solutions Magnetic Filter

Solutions, Inc.   Solutions IncMagnetic Filter Solutions' Magnetic Filter removes virtually all iron corrosion products and debris by the internal magnetic capsule. The Magnetic Filter is designed to protect sequencer solenoid valves as well as silica, sodium and other analyzers with small passages Solutions' MF-2.5-SS is easy to install and service. The filter is cleaned…
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Solutions Magnetic Trap

Solutions, Inc.   Solutions Inc.Magnetic Trap Solutions' Patent Pending Magnetic Trap is effective in removing magnetite and other iron particles from samples. It is easy and intuitive to clean and service. The magnet in the MT-10-A inserts into the "dry well" and does not contact the sample fluid. Magnetite sticks on the wetted side of…
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Solutions Sample Debris Strainer

Solutions, Inc.   Solutions Inc.,Sample Debris Strainer Solutions' Unique Sample Debris Strainer with integral blowdown is designed to protect expensive sampling equipment from pluggage due to suspended particles in sample streams, such as boiler drum water, main stream and reheat steam. The filter retains only those particles larger than 80 microns, which are the culprits…
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Solutions Sample Coolers

Solutions Inc., Sample Cooler The Solutions Inc. Sample Cooler facilitates the exchange of heat from hot sample to cooling water. Sample flows through a helical stainless steel coil. The flow of cooling water, which enters from the cooler base, is baffled to effectively remove heat from the sample as it flows around the coil. This…
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Fluid Dynamics PSG Dover

Fluid Dynamics


A premier manufacturer of polymer blending technology.

The dynaBLEND™ began in a way many products do, a few creative people with some ingenious ideas. The result was a revolutionary new non-mechanical polymer blending system. Following extensive research and collaboration with leading polymer scientists, Fluid Dynamics refined and patented the dynaBLEND™ polymer blending technology in 1985. Over 20 years and thousands of installations later, Fluid Dynamics stands as one of the premier polymer equipment companies in the world and is staffed with some of the leading polymer equipment engineers in the US. Our technical staff is specifically dedicated to the development and application of polymer equipment. Though attempts have been made to imitate the dynaBLEND™ system. Initial skepticism has turned into praise from all aspects of the industry, from engineers to end users.

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Solutions Incorporated

Solutions Inc Logo

Solutions, Inc.

Solutions, Inc. is a leading consultant to power industry chemists and engineers across the U.S. The engineers and technicians at Solutions, Inc. specialize in steam and water sampling and conditioning. There’s much to be said about products, but it’s really the people behind the products that make a difference. For over fifteen years, they’ve been listening carefully to customers, assessing their needs and coming up with remarkable, yet cost-effective solutions. 

In the 1980’s, David R. Webster, P.E., was working as a Plant Engineer and Instrument Supervisor at a 660 MW coal fired plant for a major utility in the Southwestern US. On one unit, the steam and water sampling system had malfunctioned so consistently that it had failed to adequately notify the plant operators of a major condenser tube leak. The tube leak resulted in severe boiler and turbine contamination and cost the utility millions. David was tasked with replacing the sample system and upgrading the operation and maintenance procedures to avoid a repeat of the catastrophe. He began a long-term partnership with Sentry Equipment when he called upon their expertise for help in engineering a new sample system.

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Neptune Mixer Company

Neptune Mixer Co.


Neptune Portable mixers have been designed, engineered and built to provide long life and trouble-free service in a wide variety of blending/mixing operations. Mixers can be clamp-or base-mounted on beams, tank walls and other supports.

Monitor Technologies RadarRightTM

Monitor RadarRight Series 400 Monitor Technologies' new RadarRight™ is a non-contact radar continuous level sensor which means nothing to "touch" your process. The RadarRight™ provides dependable, real-time level measurements at the "right" price for use with powders, bulk solids and liquids. The instrument uses proven microwave "pulse" technology and has a small beam angle to concentrate energy…
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FTI SP Series Self-Priming Pumps

Finish Thompson SP Series Self-Priming Pumps They don't suck. (and other interesting facts about our SP Series) SP Series pumps really don’t suck – Self-priming pumps create a vacuum (negative pressure) in the suction pipe and atmospheric pressure (positive pressure) pushes the liquid up the pipe to the pumps suction. Atmospheric pressure - Affects lift…
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