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Promoting a variety of filters for agricultural and industrial use since 1991.

Miller-Leaman promotes the "Thompson" filter/strainer, Helix Series and the standard in disc filtration "Turbo-Disc" filter, in a variety of industries for agricultural and industrial use. Miller-Leaman markets and sells the "Thompson" filter/strainer, Helix Series and "Turbo-Disc".

With over 21 years of experience in manufacturing filtration products for our customers, Miller-Leaman, Inc. has the know- how and credibility to deliver the right product to you. At our facility we manufacture unique and patented filtration products such as our stainless steel liquid filters/strainers and automation disc filters for agricultural and commercial use.

We pride ourselves with the ability to deliver the perfect product to you including custom filtration products to meet your needs. With our experience and credibility we know how to make you another one of our satisfied customers.

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