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Solutions, Inc. is a leading consultant to power industry chemists and engineers across the U.S. The engineers and technicians at Solutions, Inc. specialize in steam and water sampling and conditioning. There’s much to be said about products, but it’s really the people behind the products that make a difference. For over fifteen years, we’ve been listening carefully to customers, assessing their needs and coming up with remarkable, yet cost-effective solutions.


Solutions Inc., Sample Cooler

The Solutions Inc. Sample Cooler facilitates the exchange of heat from hot sample to cooling water. Sample flows through a helical stainless steel coil. The flow of cooling water, which enters from the cooler base, is baffled to effectively remove heat from the sample as it flows around the coil.

This unit can act as a primary or secondary cooler. To avoid introducing contaminants, all components wetted during operation are made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Mofilco is pleased to represent Solutions, Inc as a provider of quality Sample Cooler.


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Image of Sample Debris Strainer

Solutions Inc.,
Sample Debris Strainer

Solutions' Unique Sample Debris Strainer with integral blowdown is designed to protect expensive sampling equipment from pluggage due to suspended particles in sample streams, such as boiler drum water, main stream and reheat steam. The filter retains only those particles larger than 80 microns, which are the culprits responsible for most pluggage problems. The special twilled Dutch weave filter cloth retains particles on the outside surface of the filter element; smaller particles, which may affect the analysis (colloidal or suspend iron), pass through.


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Image of Magnetic Trap

Solutions Inc.
Magnetic Trap

Solutions' Patent Pending Magnetic Trap is effective in removing magnetite and other iron particles from samples. It is easy and intuitive to clean and service.

The magnet in the MT-10-A inserts into the "dry well" and does not contact the sample fluid. Magnetite sticks on the wetted side of the drywell. To clean the MT-10-A simply divert the sample outlet to drain and remove the Magcore from the drywell to flush the magnetite and debris from the trap.

The cleaning process requires no disassembly of the trap or exposure of the sample to atmosphere. This is especially beneficial when it is used to remove iron oxides and other magnetic material from a sample that feeds Dissolved Oxygen analyzers or other sensitive instruments. 

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Image of Solutions Magnetic Filter

Solutions Inc
Magnetic Filter

Solutions' Magnetic Filter removes virtually all iron corrosion products and debris by the internal magnetic capsule. The Magnetic Filter is designed to protect sequencer solenoid valves as well as silica, sodium and other analyzers with small passages

Solutions' MF-2.5-SS is easy to install and service. The filter is cleaned by simply removing the clamp and rinsing the magnetic element.

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