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Solutions, Inc. is a leading consultant to power industry chemists and engineers across the U.S. The engineers and technicians at Solutions, Inc. specialize in steam and water sampling and conditioning. There’s much to be said about products, but it’s really the people behind the products that make a difference. For over fifteen years, they’ve been listening carefully to customers, assessing their needs and coming up with remarkable, yet cost-effective solutions. 

In the 1980’s, David R. Webster, P.E., was working as a Plant Engineer and Instrument Supervisor at a 660 MW coal fired plant for a major utility in the Southwestern US. On one unit, the steam and water sampling system had malfunctioned so consistently that it had failed to adequately notify the plant operators of a major condenser tube leak. The tube leak resulted in severe boiler and turbine contamination and cost the utility millions. David was tasked with replacing the sample system and upgrading the operation and maintenance procedures to avoid a repeat of the catastrophe. He began a long-term partnership with Sentry Equipment when he called upon their expertise for help in engineering a new sample system.

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